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Fewell Precision

Our Machines

CNC Turning

Haas SL10 2004

Control Haas Control System
Chucking 6.5 Dia
Between Centres 416mm
Bar Capacity 44mm
RPM 6000
Turret Tooling 12 Stations
Turret VDI 30
Bar Feed Haas Servo Bar 300

Haas TL-1 2008

Chucking 8mm Dia
Between Centres 762mm
Max Cut Diameter 406mm
Max Cut Length 762mm
Max Speed 2000RPM
Spindle Bore 59mm
Over Front Apron 406mm
Over Cross Slide 241mm

Hyundai HiT 15s 1997

Control HITROL 840C
Max Cutting Dia 254 Dia (10")
Between Centres 637
RPM 4500
Turret Tooling 12 Stations
Bar Feed Shortmag Multifeed

Nakamura TOME 4DX1978

Chucking 250 Dia
Between Centres 500
RPM 2500
Turret Tooling 8 Oct / 4 Face Stations
Bar Capacity 60

Takisawa TC-1 1992

Chucking 152 Dia
Bar Capacity 45 mm
RPM 4500
Turret Tooling 8 Stations

Vertical Machining Centre

Haas VF-3 2012

Travels X 1016mm
Travels Y 508mm
Travels Z 635mm
Tool Changer 40 taper umbrella-style
Max Speed 8100RPM
Max Torque 122 Nm @ 2000RPM
Drive System Inline Direct-Drive
Std T-Slots 5

Haas VF-0E 1995

Control System Haas Control System
Carousel 20 Stations
"X" axis travel 761mm
"Y" axis travel 412mm
Rotary Table for 4th axis 10 HP main motor

Manual - Centre Lathe

Chieftain 1640 2009

Control SINO
Chucking 10" diameter
Between Centres 1000/1500mm
Bar Capacity 80m

Grinding Machine

Myford M912-HPM

Automatic cycle traverse and plunge grinder
Complete with a diaform wheel forming attachment

Manual - Drilling & Milling


Up to 32 dia vertical
Bench 12.7 dia
Tapping Up to 20mm dia
Bench fitting & finishing

Inspection Equipment

Ferranti Measuring Machine & Baty ShadoMaster

Range X 508
Range Y 406
Range Z 203 (3 axis M/c)

Digital - CAD


Innovative CAD/CAM Technology. Click here for more information
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